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Michaela Stuart is the Command OMBUDS for VFA 213: The "Fighting Blacklions!" Please contact with any questions or concerns. If you do not hear from her within 24 hours, please send a direct email to or call the OMBUDS phone line at 757-633-9912. Thank you!

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NOTE: Unrestricted reporting — for victims who want medical treatment, advocacy, counseling and an official investigation of the crime. Restricted reporting — for victims who want to confidentially disclose the crime to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment, advocacy and counseling without triggering command notification and official investigation. The OMBUDS cannot offer restricted reporting. To file a restricted report, the victim can only disclose to the following people: ♦ SARC ♦ SAPR VA ♦ Healthcare provider ♦ Deployed Resiliency Counselor (DRC) ♦ Victim’s Legal Counsel ♦ Chaplain. If you need help contacting these representatives, please contact your OMBUDS for more information.