Attached are the Household Goods (HHG) July - September 2019 webinar schedule and video flyers.



. July - September flyer is where participants can ask question about their move
. Video webinars are for members/spouses and they can review these at their leisure and multiple times if desired. There is no one available to answer their questions directly, however, attendees can email their questions to: or call 855-HHG-MOVE, 0800 - 1900 EDT.

POC: Deloma J. Miley, HHG Program Analyst, 717 605-2930, Work Cell: 717 315-8923 or by email at

Special Support for Special Needs Travelers (EFMP)

NAS Oceana FFSC is hosting an upcoming workshop on Friday, June 21st, from 1000-1200, in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  A TSA rep will explain the TSA Cares program, the role of the Passenger Support Specialists, Service Animals and much more.  This program covers all disabilities to include autism, visual, hearing, compromised immune systems, PTSD, hidden disabilities, physical disabilities, etc.  There will be time allotted for questions and answers.

Please call (757) 433-2912 to register or for more information. 


Webinars are on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT

LWRW - Wednesday, 12 June 2019, - Navigating Stress for Navy Families - 6:00 - 7:30 PM EDT

This class will review effective ways to manage stress and remain resilient.

LWRW - Thursday, 13 June 2019, - Single Service Members Deploying - 2:30 - 4:00 PM EDT

This class will review checklist items in preparation for deployment.

LWRW - Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - Flying Space "A" - 1:00 - 2:30 PM EDT

Learn what Space "A" travel is and the categories of eligibility.

LWRW - Thursday, 20 June 2019 - Communication Skills for Anyone - 2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT

Learn effective communications and how to convey the intended message.

Join us by registering at the following link:

The toll free number is: 888-947-3989, code: 919101
Note: You may also join by phone if unable to log on

VA Benefits Briefs (VA Education Benefits & VA Home Loan Guaranty Program)

It's never too early to start learning about the VA benefits you and your family may earn throughout your Military career! Come learn from the experts on these important topics:

. VA Education Benefits: Provides information about DoD and VA education benefits to include Post-9/11 benefits that may help service members pay for or offset the cost of tuition, housing, books, and supplies.

. VA Home Loan Guaranty Program: Offers a general overview of the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program including eligibility, processes, costs, and other available resources.

Date: June 19th, 2019
Time: 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Location: FFSC JEB Little Creek-Fort Story.

Call 757-462-7563 to register.


The June 2019 edition of the CNIC Fleet and Family Support Program''s "Family Connection Newsletter" is now available. The newsletter is attached and below are other options to view and download.

Featured in this month''s edition is:
. MyNavy Family App
. Are You Ready?
. CNIC Continues to Focus on Military Housing
. Summer Celebrations are the Right Time to Keep What You've Earned
. LGBT Pride Month
. Sexual Violence and the LGBT Community
. June is National Safety Month
. Spouse Employment Corner

FFSP Webpage:



Released on June 1
FFSP Facebook:
FFSP Twitter:


Take the Survey!

Blue Star Families is an organization that supports Military Families. Among the many great things they do to support Military Families, they conduct an annual survey in collaboration with Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families. The survey analyzes trends related to major shifts in military life issues and helps local and national government leaders better understand the realities military, veteran, and National Guard/Reserve families face. On behalf of VADM Jackson, Service Members and Families are encouraged to take the time to complete.

Your information will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with any third party. Your survey responses are also confidential and only aggregate (group) responses will be reported.

The release of this survey is supported by DoD and our CNIC JAG has confirmed the release and encouragement to complete this survey is authorized. Please pass this information to your Families.

You may take the survey by going to:

POC for Blue Star Families is Townley McElhiney at

Social Security & Disability 101: Ask the Expert (EFMP)

NAS Oceana is hosting an upcoming workshop on Friday, May 31st, from 1000-1200, in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  This training opportunity is ideal for families who are interested in applying for Social Security and Disability benefits for their family member with special needs.  There will be time allotted for questions and answers.

Please register by calling (757) 433-2912.

NAS Oceana Career Week

NAS Oceana Fleet and Family Support Center is sponsoring a Career Week of employment classes from 10-14 June in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  Transitioners, military family members and retirees are invited to attend.

6/10    Career Planning                 0900-1200
6/11    Job Search Strategies           0900-1200
6/12    Effective Resume Writing        0900-1200
6/12    Job Network Employer Panel      1200-1300
6/13    Interview Techniques            0900-1200
6/14    Federal Employment System       0900-1200

To register or for more information please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912.


NAS Oceana Fleet and Family Support Center will sponsor Mid-Term CONSEP from 23-24 May (Thursday-Friday), 0800-1600 in Bldg. 531, (1896 Laser Road NAS Oceana).  This 2-day workshop is designed to assist enlisted mid-career Sailors in making informed career decisions.  CONSEP helps Sailors remain competitive throughout their military career and after.  Workshop topics focus on personal planning, financial planning, VA benefits, and civilian and Navy career options.  Sailors can register by calling (757) 433-2912.

Collection of Helpful Links

🔴 Operation HomeFront

🔴 Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) program is a voluntary financial benefits program for military families, intended to increase a service member's income in order to remove their household from eligibility for SNAP benefits (formerly the food stamp program).

🔴 SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp Program):

🔴 WIC:

🔴 Operation Once in a Life Time

Emergency financial assistance, including rent, car payment, food and electricity (regional).

🔴 Homefront America

Honors those who defend freedoms and provides services their families - especially children - by providing quality, caring, and meaningful assistance in their times of need.

🔴 Hope for Warriors

Enhances the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty. Hope For The Warriors® is dedicated to restoring a sense of self, restoring the family unit, and restoring hope for our service members and our military families.

🔴 The Armed Forces Foundation

The Armed Forces Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting and advocating for active-duty military personnel, National Guardsmen, Reservists, military families, and veterans

🔴 Bright Horizons Family Solutions

🔴 Childcare:

🔴 Kindercare Program

🔴 Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (C.O.O.L.)

🔴 Armed Forces Foundation

IEP Consultations

Parents who have questions or concerns regarding their child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) may schedule a consult with specialists from PEATC (Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center). Consultations are offered in 30-minute blocks, must be pre-scheduled, and are on a first-come basis. If you have questions regarding your child's education and IEP, come get answers from PEATC.

For more information:

To register:

Our School Liason Officer:

John Hammer, NAS Oceana/Dam Neck Annex,, Work: 757-433-2496, W/Cell: 757-629-4033


**  If you are PCSing in and would like your school age child to be connected with our Youth Sponsorship Program, please contact the NAS Oceana Youth Center at 757-433-3976, or, Midway Manor Youth Center at 757-444-1007.  **

**  If you are PCSing out and want to be connected with a Youth Sponsor at your future Youth Center, please contact NAS Oceana Youth Center at 757-433-3976.  For the SLO at your new assignment, contact the NAS Oceana SLO at 757-433-2496.  **

Norfolk Military Spouse Job Fair

Fleet & Family Support Center will host a Military Spouse Job Fair on Friday, May 24, 2019 from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM in FFSC Norfolk, 7928 14th Street, Norfolk, VA  23505.  This job fair will offer employers seeking experienced and/or entry level Military Spouses under one roof. The job fair will offer employers an excellent opportunity to fill their active, as well as future, staffing requirements using face-to-face recruiting methods. No registration is required however if you would like to practice your interview skills, we will offer an Interviewing Skills class from 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM in FFSC Norfolk.  Please contact the Career Development Resource Center at 757-322-9173 with any questions or to register for Interviewing Skills.

MyNavy Family app

As part of a larger effort to recognize the contributions Navy Spouses and families make to our Navy''s mission success, the Navy is launching the MyNavy Family application to coincide with Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The MyNavy Family application was developed with the support of more than 1,100 spouses who provided feedback and suggestions. The application combines the strength of more than 22 websites to connect Navy spouses and families to information and resources when and where they need it regardless of how long they have been part of the Navy family.

The launch of the MyNavy Family application supports the Navy Family Framework objective to expand and improve the experience for Navy spouses and families. Other related efforts include improving family program s and websites, developing an official MyNavy Family website, providing Ombudsman registry access to command leadership spouses and increasing the availability of live webinars and self-
directed learning activities. Additionally, next month we will release a new policy allowing reimbursement of up to $500 of spouse state licensure or certification costs arising from relocation from one state to another due to a permanent change of station move.

The MyNavy Family application will be available for download via the Navy App Locker located on MyNavy Portal under quick links at, the Apple App Store and GooglePlay Store.

Ombudsman Wanted!

Blacklions, June will be my final month as your Command Ombudsman. I am looking for one of your spouses to replace me. If your spouse is interested or has questions, please have them contact me at or just get in touch with the Skipper. It really isn’t as daunting as it may seem… there is an amazing support system and tons of training. I am also willing to help someone get their feet under them before we leave the squadron. And this is a fantastic boost to a job resume, as well as a great way to get involved in the squadron and Navy life in general.

Career Week

NAS Oceana Fleet and Family Support Center is sponsoring a Career Week of employment classes from 13-17 May in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  Transitioners, military family members and retirees are invited to attend.

5/13    Career Planning                 0900-1200
5/14    Job Search Strategies           0900-1200
5/15    Effective Resume Writing        0900-1200
5/15    Job Network Employer Panel      1200-1300
5/16    Interview Techniques            0900-1200
5/17    Federal Employment System       0900-1200

To register or for more information please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912.

Retirement Benefits Seminar

NAS Oceana FFSC will be presenting a Retirement Benefits Seminar on Wednesday, 08 May, from 0800-1500, at NAS Oceana FFSC, Bldg. 531 (1896 Laser Road, Suite 120, Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA 23460); details are provided in the attached flyer.  This 1-day workshop provides information to transitioning service members and spouses on the following topics: 


  • Relocation/Final

  • Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP)

  • Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP)

  • Retiree Tricare:  Medical & Dental

  • Veteran Benefits and Disability

  • Veteran Group Life Insurance (VGLI)

  • GI Bill Benefits and Transferability


Please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912 to register.


Sailors or their families living Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing now have until 9 May 2019 to complete their resident satisfaction survey. See news article for more information. Copy and paste the below links to reach the news article.

Or you can share from the CNIC or FFSP Facebook pages:


Assorted seminars for employment, college, and scholarships

During the month of May, the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program office will host several events that we would like to invite military spouses to attend. Please review the following information for more details about each event and for registration procedures to join the discussions.


To join the LinkedIn discussions, participants will need to have a LinkedIn profile and request approval to join the MSEP Spouse Group page at the following link: Once approved, members can join all group discussions hosted by the MSEP Spouse Group. We find the link works better using Google Chrome versus Internet Explorer.


Thank you for sharing this information with your military spouse community and for your continued commitment to support the recruiting, hiring and retaining of military spouses.


1.      MSEP Virtual Hiring Fair - Capture Your Next Career - May 2, 2019


You are cordially invited to register and attend the first MSEP Virtual Hiring Fair on Thursday,  May 2, 2019. This free event features two sessions, from noon until 3 p.m. EDT and 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. EDT.


We are excited to share this unique opportunity to chat with more than 140 hiring managers from MSEP companies and organizations actively hiring military spouses. Make your plans to attend the keynote session featuring Chef Andre Rush, White House Chef, U.S. Army combat veteran and host of “Chef in the City.” In addition, SECO career coaches will be present to assist military spouses connecting with available resources.


To register to attend, please visit


2.      Career Coach Live

Creating a dynamic resume and cover letter is key to mastering your job search. Join the Career Coach Facebook Live event on May 9 at 3 p.m. EDT to learn how you can best highlight your skills and experience to land your next job.

To RSVP to attend, please visit

3.      Military Spouse Employment Partnership Partner Facebook Live


Please join us on Thursday, May 16 at 3 p.m. EDT for a Facebook Live event to connect with a MaidPro hiring manager. MaidPro is a corporate franchisor, with more than 150 independently owned and operated residential cleaning franchisees across the United States and Canada.


If you or military spouses in your community are interested, but are not able to attend, you can check out the thread and find more information by clicking on


4.      Pay for College with Scholarships Tailored Just for You!


Make college more affordable by using MySECO’s Scholarship Finder to search through more than 90 scholarships carefully chosen just for you. Browse our database of financial resources offered specifically to military spouses and family members to make paying for college fast and easy.

Start now at

Ombudsman Wanted!

Attention Blacklions! I will only be your Ombudsman for the next 2 months… I am looking for one of YOUR spouses to replace me as the Command Ombudsman. If your spouse is interested or has questions, please have them contact me at

It really isn’t as daunting as it may seem… there is an amazing support system and tons of training. I am also willing to be Co-Ombuds to help someone get into the job before we leave the squadron. This is a fantastic boost to a job resume, as well as a great way to get involved in the squadron and Navy life in general.

Please contact me if you have any questions!



Meet face-to-face with dozens of companies and government agencies at one of the most professional career events in Virginia. Previous employers have included Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Leidos, SAIC, ARServices, Newport News Shipbuilding, MBP, U.S. Postal Service, Edward Jones, Sentara Healthcare, Caterpillar dealers, Police Departments, First Command, Cox Communications . . . and many more great employers. Visit for the current list.

Especially for transitioning and former military and family members seeking employment. Free and open to candidates from all services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard), all ranks (Enlisted and Officer), and all occupational specialties. Military spouses and civilians welcome. Business attire recommended.

Preregister through Corporate Gray Online to receive the job fair directory before the event, and upload your resume to make it accessible in advance to the participating companies. For tips on attending a job fair, visit and search "Job Fair"

Point of Contact:
Cheryl Cooper,
757 615-7973