Career Week

Career Week
NAS Oceana Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) is sponsoring a Career Week of employment classes from 13-17 August in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  Transitioners, military family members, and retirees are invited to attend.

8/13    Career Transition Planning      0900-1200
8/14    Job Search Strategies           0900-1200
8/15    Effective Resume Writing        0900-1200
8/15    Employer Panel                        1200-1300
8/16    Interview Techniques            0900-1200
8/17    Federal Employment System       0900-1200

To register or for more information, please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912.


--Many parents and educators often need to be creative teaching children how to prepare for disasters and emergencies. To help with this important topic, FEMA and the American Red Cross have teamed up to introduce the Prepare with Pedro Disaster Preparedness Activity Book ("Prepare with Pedro"). Prepare with Pedro is a fun new way for parents, teachers, and community leaders to talk about safety with young children.

--The activity book features American Red Cross mascot Pedro the Penguin, who demonstrates how to stay safe during a variety of natural hazards. The activity book is designed to be both educational and engaging for young children, offering safety advice alongside crosswords, coloring pages, matching games, and more.

--Prepare with Pedro is available for free from FEMA. Community members can call the FEMA Publications Warehouse at 1-800-480-2520 and request printed copies of publication number P-2005, or download the book themselves by v isiting

New GI Bill Transfer Restrictions: Things You Need to Know

New GI Bill Transfer Restrictions: Things You Need to Know (Military Times Reboot Camp, July 18, 2018) By Natalie Gross

The Pentagon''s new rules on transferring GI Bill benefits to dependents, announced last week, have created a lot of concern and confusion among service members, veterans and military families. Will you still be able to transfer your benefits? What if your toddler won''t be old enough for college by the time you hit the new time-in-service limit? What effect will this have if you''ve already transferred your benefits?

If you''ve been struggling with questions on the new rules, we''ve got you covered.
1. What changes have already taken effect? The Defense Department requires service members to commit to serve an additional four years in the military in order to transfer GI Bill benefits to a dependent. Prior to last week''s policy change, that requirement could be waived in some cases if it wasn''t possible for a service member to serve another four years. The new policy ends such exceptions, meaning that regardless of what branch of the military you serve in, if you can''t commit to another four years for any reason, you can''t put in for a GI Bill transfer. Though there''s been some confusion about whether this aspect of the policy change applies immediately to members of all service branches, this change is, indeed, currently in effect across DoD. "If there are reasons that preclude a service member from committing to four years of service, that service member cannot sign up to transfer their benefits," a DoD fact sheet on the policy said, listing this as one of the changes that "go into effect immediately."

2. How long must I serve to be able to transfer my GI Bill? Previously, DoD required troops to have served at least 6 years in order to request a GI Bill transfer. That requirement remains, and the Pentagon''s new policy will also require that service members not have served m ore than 16 years. So you''ll need between six and 16 years in uniform. It''s important to note that because the 16-year cap doesn''t go into effect until July 12, 2019, service members who have been in longer than that have a year to transfer their GI Bill benefits - as long as they can still commit to serving four more years. So, if you''ve been in for 20 years and can commit to 24, make sure you take advantage of this before time''s up.

3. I''ve already transferred my GI Bill benefits. Does this rule change affect me? No, you''re safe. The policy chance will not affect service members who have already transferred their GI Bill benefits, according to Jessica Maxwell, a DoD spokeswoman.

4. If I transfer my benefits now, can I make changes later on? Yes, you can. If you want to add another child to your list of beneficiaries or divvy things up between your dependents a little differently, you can do that even if you''ve been in the service for m ore than 16 years.

5. Does my kid have to be old enough to use the GI Bill by the time I hit 16 years? A dependent child must be 18 or younger when the GI Bill benefits are transferred to them -- or under 23 in special cases for approved programs, Maxwell said. To use the GI Bill, the dependent must be 18 or a high school graduate. So in other words, you can go ahead and transfer the GI Bill to your 2 year old without a worry. They just won''t be able to use it until they''re of age.

6. I''m in the Coast Guard. Do these changes apply to me? Even though the Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security and not DoD, the same changes apply.

7. I want to transfer my GI Bill benefits. How do I get started? Log onto DMDC milConnect. At the top of the page, you''ll see a section labeled, "I want to." Click on the "Transfer my education benefits" option and go from there.

"Funding a College Education" program

"Funding a College Education" program on base—August and October 2018

VTC’s Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) will conduct a college financial aid presentation, “Funding a College Education,” at Naval Station Norfolk.

Hosted by the Navy Voluntary Education Program at Naval Station Norfolk, the upcoming schedule is as follows:

Naval Station Norfolk:
DATE: Wednesday 1 August 2018, START TIME: 1130,
LOCATION: Building IE, downstairs in classroom # 7

Naval Station Norfolk:
DATE: Wednesday 3 October 2018, START TIME: 1130,
LOCATION: Building IE, downstairs in classroom # 7

“Funding a College Education” is presented by Darryl Greenwell, and will focus on:
-College selection and application process
-Federal aid (grants, loans, work study, etc)
-State aid programs
-FAFSA, FAFSA changes/updates, plus financial aid applications, procedures, & processing
-Scholarship 101—survive the scholarship search and application process
-Guest speakers—Local scholarship representatives
-Other various areas/items of concern, and a Question and Answer session

Each session includes information which will assist rising high school JUNIORS & SENIORS, parents of all high school students, adult learners opting to return to college later in life, plus all others who may be facing the rising expenses of college in the very near future. High school students are welcome to attend with their parents, however we do not encourage creating a negative impact on their school attendance or classroom/school requirements.

Local scholarship representatives will be on hand to provide information on their programs and awards, and they do plan to stay afterwards for your individual questions.

This program is FREE and open to:
-All military personnel (active or reserve)
-Family members
-Other base employees/personnel, including contract and DOD civilian employees

Normal base access is required; no special base pass arrangements will be made for this program.

One-on-one appointments can be scheduled with an EOC counselor following the presentation.

Please take a minute to forward this email and post the attached flyer so the word gets to those who desire to attend and to those who “really need to attend”

 >>Reserve your seat(s)<<  Please call or email in advance

EOC point of contact: Darryl Greenwell
Email: <>
Phone: 757-489-3329 or 757-363-3944
Building I E at Naval Station Norfolk = (757) 444-7453

Darryl Greenwell <mailto:>
Naval Station Norfolk VTC/EOC office outreach Monday & Wednesday--(757) 489-3329
JEB Little Creek VTC/EOC office outreach Tuesday & Thursday--(757) 363-3944
VTC's Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
861 Glenrock Road, Suite #135
Norfolk, VA 23502
For appointments call: (757) 683-2312
Fax (757) 683-2315 

- - - all EOC services are FREE! - - -



Below is the July 2018 issue of Family Connection Newsletter (FCN) from the Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP).

In This Edition:
* Military Consumer Protection Month
* TAP Sets Sailors up for Success
* Get Navy COOL
* LinkedIn Program Welcomes Military Spouses
* Baby Shower Helps Kitsap Moms Feel at Home

You can find the current edition of the newsletter on the CNIC webpage at

Or on the G2 at

A link to the FCN is also posted on the FFSP''s Facebook and Twitter pages.

FCN is published monthly by the FFSP to encourage communication among the program''s team, sponsors, partners, and clients.


Attention Military Spouses! Let your voices be heard!

Great opportunities for Spouses of our Military to be heard.  Upcoming dates for the forum are:

Monday, July 16 1:00-2:30 pm EDT
Wednesday, July 18      7:00-8:30 am EDT

This is the perfect venue to let the Navy know what you think about military family programs.  To register for a session and for more information, please see


Career Week
NAS Oceana Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) is sponsoring a Career Week of employment classes from 09-13 July in Bldg. 531, 1896 Laser Road, NAS Oceana.  Transitioners, military family members, and retirees are invited to attend. 
7/09    Career Transition Planning      0900-1200
7/10    Job Search Strategies           0900-1200
7/11    Effective Resume Writing        0900-1200
7/11    Employer Panel                        1200-1300
7/12    Interview Techniques            0900-1200
7/13    Federal Employment System       0900-1200
To register or for more information, please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912.
Job Network Employer Panel
Fleet and Family Support Center NAS Oceana is hosting a Job Network Employer Panel on Wednesday, 11 July 2018, from 1200-1300 at NAS Oceana FFSC Oceana, Bldg. 531.  This is a monthly one-hour question and answer session with Human Resource Managers.  Featured this month are BAE, Chesapeake Public Schools, and MacAulay Brown.  Transitioners, military family members, and retirees are invited to attend this low-stress way to start networking.  Please call NAS Oceana FFSC at (757) 433-2912 to register or for more information.

MSEP Employer, Blue Star Families - Multiple Positions, Remote


MSEP employer, Blue Star Families is currently recruiting to fill two remote positions -- Member Experience Manager and Chapter Development Manager.

The Member Experience Manager is responsible for creating and managing the Blue Star Families membership experience across the nation. This manager understands the importance of delivering a topnotch membership and customer experience and is willing to work together to achieve results, implementing proven, member-centric processes and plans.

The Chapter Development Manager is responsible for expanding and managing Blue Star Families Chapters across the nation. This manager understands the importance of providing military families and the communities where they reside with the support they need to connect, grow and thrive. Preference for this position will be given to those local to the San Diego area.

If you want to be part of a high-performing organization, love a challenge, and are self-motivates, love to get your hands dirty, want to continuously improve yourself and are driven to succeed, these may be the spots for you!

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing these opportunities with your military spouse community!


Anne Kelly, Contractor
MSEP Specialist
Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program (SECO)
Office:   703-496-9000 x5632
Mobile: 703-254-8412

MSEP employers have hired more than 120,000 military spouses.


Creative PD_Chapter Development Manager_2018FINAL_Page_1.jpg
Creative PD_Chapter Development Manager_2018FINAL_Page_2.jpg
Creative PD_Chapter Development Manager_2018FINAL_Page_3.jpg
Creative PD_Member Experience Manager_2018 FINAL_Page_1.jpg
Creative PD_Member Experience Manager_2018 FINAL_Page_2.jpg
Creative PD_Member Experience Manager_2018 FINAL_Page_3.jpg

July 4th Events in Norfolk

There are some exciting events taking place in Downtown Norfolk on July 4th, 2018.

- The USS MONTEREY will be open for General Public tours throughout the day on July 4th in the Norfolk Harbor, where it will be located near Nauticus and the crew will host tours from 10am - 4pm. More specific information is provided in the attached Press Release from Navy Region Mid-Atlantic!

- FOX News Channel selected Norfolk as its host city for their #ProudAmerican coverage on July 4th and will be broadcasting live from the flight deck of the USS MONTEREY. They will present stories featuring the U.S. Navy as well as the City of Norfolk and Colonial Williamsburg, and they will be available to meet with Military Families during the day. Additional information is in the attached Press Release.

- That evening, FOX News Anchor Harris Faulkner will meet with Military Families, more information is included in the attached Flyer and details below:

WHO: Harris Faulkner, FOX News Anchor
WHAT: Talking with Military Families about her life growing up as a Military Child: The challenges and experiences. Ms. Faulkner will also be discussing her book, "9 Rules of Engagement" and the Proud American campaign, and will be available for a meet/greet with Military Families.
WHEN: Wednesday, July Fourth; from 6:00-6:30 pm
WHERE: Half Moone Cruise Terminal, located at 1 Waterside Drive, Downtown Norfolk

Parking is available in garages in downtown Norfolk. Recommended garage is the Town Point Garage on the corner of Main and Boush Street. There is a charge for this parking garage.

MISC: **Seats are limited to the first 100 people.** Families interested in attending should RSVP to 757-322-2852 <tel:+17573222852>  and leave their name, command, number in their group, and a phone number to be reached.
Wristbands will be issued to guests, which will give them access to an area in Town Point Park to listen to the U.S. Fleet Forces Band Concert and watch the fireworks show Free of Charge.

- The U.S. Fleet Forces Band will perform free for the public in Town Point Park. The popular music group Four Star Edition will entertain audiences with a high-energy show covering a wide range of music from classic hits to today's rock, pop, hip hop and country tunes from 6:30-7:30pm on the Main Stage.

- Beginning at 8:15pm, the U.S. Fleet Forces Band Wind Ensemble will perform a free concert featuring patriotic favorites prior to the fireworks show, which will begin at 9:30pm.

Navy Releases New Parental Leave Program

BIG NEWS! Navy Releases New Parental Leave Program!!

The program applies to all active duty Sailors. Reserve Sailors who were performing active duties, or mobilized more than 12 continuous months, and are the parents of a qualifying birth or adoption on or after Dec. 23, 2016 are also eligible.

The three family leave categories under the Military Parental Leave Program are:

* Maternity Convalescent Leave is a six-week (42 days), non-chargeable leave period for the Sailor who gives birth, commencing the first full day after a Sailor is released from the hospital following a birth.

* Primary Caregiver Leave is a six-week (42 days) non-chargeable leave period for the parent who gives birth or is designated with primary responsibility for caring for the child or children following a birth or adoption.

* Secondary Caregiver leave is a two-week (14 days) non-chargeable leave period for the parent not designated with primary responsibility for caring for the child following a birth or adoption.

Details about the leave periods are described in NAVADMIN 149/18.

Ombudsman Turnover


It has been my extreme pleasure to have served VFA-213 as your Ombudsman for these past two years. When I first accepted the position, I knew that it would be difficult, but I was never aware of how rewarding the job would become. I have truly cherished my time serving as your Ombudsman. 

Your new Ombudsman will be Michaela Stuart, who has graciously accepted to take up the position. I can tell you with absolute confidence that you are in excellent hands. 

Thank you all for your time, commitment, trust, and your friendship. 


Adam Reilly

As Blacklions, We Stand United as One Family

The response to any tragedy is critical to the healing of those left behind.  Please allow the next of kin notification and investigation processes to be completed as designed.  As families of the fallen deal with this tragedy, it is critical that everyone refrain from sharing information through social media or with friends and family.  Well-intentioned social media posts during past tragedies have caused unintended yet irreparable harm to those left behind.  Honor the fallen and their families by honoring the process.  Thank you.


Upcoming Events this December

12/9 - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on Granby Street at 9am

12/9 - Winter Family Fest at NAS Oceana Youth Center at 3:30 pm

12/14 - A Winter's Evening Series: Dickens Christmas at the Hunter House Victorian Museum at 7p

12/16 - Winter Wonderland at Slover Library at 10:30 am

12/16 - A First Cup of Christmas Cheer at the Hunter House Victorian Museum at 2pm

12/31 - Last Night on the Town at Town Center/ Colombus Ave at 5:30 pm

Click here for the complete list

Trees for Troops Tree Drive!

All trees distributed at Fort Story

The 10th annual Trees for Troops event will commence 1 Dec from 1200-1900 at 720 New Guinea Road (Auditorium) on board JEBFS.  They will close at 1900, which is 30 minutes later than last year.  This will allow more folks to come get a tree after work.  "Initial tree issue" (01 Dec) will be for priority groups, which include:  (E1 to E6 personnel, spouses of deployed service members, and exceptional family members program personnel and families in need.)

Beginning 2 Dec, all remaining active duty military ID Card holders may receive a tree (if trees still remain).  The tree lot will be open from 1200 to 1900, with a limited supply of trees.  Trees cannot be sold and are only intended to go to active duty service member's homes.  We are unable to reserve trees for personnel.  Only one tree is authorized per person, household, or sponsor.  No trees are to be used for community or command functions, common areas or parties.  Please empty vehicles to fit a six to nine foot tree.  Please bring your own help and rope to tie trees onto vehicles.

Things to Do in November!

Creative Writing Classes offered throughout November with The Muse Writers Center of Norfolk

11/5 at 7:30 PM - House of Blues Brews and Stews at 2200 Parks Ave in Virginia Beach

11/8 at 11:30AM - Veterans Day 5K at Dam Neck Athletics

11/10 at 4pm - Million Bulb Walk at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

11/16 at 7:30 PM - Women in Music at TCC Roper Performing Arts Center

11/18 at 7AM - Chartway Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon 5K at Town Point Park in Norfolk 

11/23 at 5:30PM - Holiday Lights at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront (on the Boardwalk)

11/24 at 9AM - Planes, Trains, and Santa at the Military Aviation Museum

11/24 at 10AM - 36th Annual Virginia Beach Christmas Market at 1000 19th Street in Virginia Beach


View the Full list here