Quick Tips For the Upcoming Deployment

-Don't skimp on the basics. Your Sailor will be working frequently in 100+ degree heat, if they want to buy new undergarments, socks, etc. It's worth the investment. 

-Be honest with each other. Deployments aren't easy, but neither of you have to go through them alone. Talk through your concerns and worries and make a plan together.

-Utilize all the resources that you have available to make your deployment easier. Contact your OMBUDS to learn more. 

-SINGLE SAILORS: Need to find a temporary home for your pet? Make a profile on Dogs on Deployment  to search for a family willing to take in your pet for the duration of your deployment. You will still be responsible for all of the bills, but at least your pet will have a temporary and loving home. 

-Interested in a pre-deployment photo shoot? Check out Hearts Apart here or under the resource tab to learn more!

-Worried about how your young children will react to their Sailor preparing to deploy? Contact Military OneSource to get your free copy of Sesame Street's Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecoming, Changes or contact your Ombudsman to contact MOS on your behalf.

-Looking for something sentiment for your kiddo from their Sailor? Check out Daddy Dolls that creates a custom doll of your Sailor for your child (for a fee). Check them out here.

Deployments are incredibly hard on you, your Sailor, and your children; but you are never alone. The Blacklions community is strong and is here for each other. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact your Ombudsman. If you're looking to meet other families in the command or would like to become more involved as a volunteer, consider stopping by at the next FRG meeting (September 27, 2016 at St. Luke's in Virginia Beach). Want to find out more about the FRG? Contact the FRG president at presidentvfa213frg@gmail.com.