Mailing Address and Facebook Page

Hello Blacklions!

I've received many questions related to how to send mail to your Sailor during the deployment. Their mailing address is listed below in a general format; but it is important that you follow-up with your Sailor about the required information that is specific to them (marked below with an asterisk*). 

                                   [RANK] [Name]
                                   VFA-213 [DEPARTMENT]
                                   UNIT 200193 BOX ***
                                   FPO AE 09501

To use my Sailor as an example, it should look like:

                                  PS3 Brandon Reilly
                                  VFA-213 ADMIN
                                  UNIT 200193 BOX 196
                                  FPO AE 09501

Please be very mindful of the format and capital letters. Also, be very careful to write NEATLY. You will need to fill out a customs form with each care package; but the local post offices are very adept in these types of packages and will be able to help you. It might even be easier to take your care package unsealed to the Post Office and to then seal it there after you submit the paperwork. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your package to arrival. With this in mind, be aware of the types of items that you are sending. Do NOT send any perishable items or items that will easily melt such as chocolate. 

Care packages are a big deal for Sailors. As such, try to coordinate with your Sailor in terms of the type of things they would like in their care packages. Have them make a list before they leave or shortly after that you can share with your friends and family. 


Your Sailor will have infrequent access to their email; but they will be able to receive email. Make sure that you have your Sailor's email before they leave. Typical format is:

                                [first name].[last name]


There is also a command-sponsored Facebook Page titled VFA-213, which will be used by the command throughout the deployment.