A Word on OPSEC from the CVN 77 FRG

OPSEC Best Practices:

Communication between the ship and the family members during deployments can be difficult at times, but the effective use of social media has vastly improved and connected our operating forces and family members.  Here are some best practices for you to follow to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones aboard ship.

  1. Always post in the past tense. Never post anything on social media that details the ship’s future operations or where their next port call is. If you post future dates, potential adversaries could take adverse action. 
  2. Check and re-check your privacy settings. This is the easiest way to protect what you post and keep potential adversaries from viewing your posts. 
  3. Ensure your anti-virus software and security settings on your home computer and mobile devices are up to date. This is your first step in protecting you and your devices from unwanted malware and potential phishing scams.
  4. Phishing remains the number one vulnerability of our networks.  If you receive emails or posts from unwanted, unsolicited or suspected universal resource locators (URLs), err on the side of caution. 
  5. Follow the ship’s official Facebook page for the latest information. Commanding Officers have the final say of what information is posted, and will post what they want you to know.  Do not request amplifying information as it could lead to information that should not be made publically available.  If you have a question regarding the deployment, ask the Ombudsman.
  6. Don’t share privileged information received at FRG meetings. Consider it a privilege to receive sensitive and critical information from the ship.  Receiving privileged information does not give you the right to post it to the rest of world. 
  7. Monitor your children’s use of social media sites.  Known tactics of some adversaries, is to “friend” family members of Sailors/crew members, and just monitor their posts in hopes of gaining critical information.   

Always remember, your activity on social media sites is captured and cached in some way or form.  What you post today could actually impact you or your Sailor sometime in the future, something we don’t always control.  Also remember that how you use, and what you say on social media is a direct reflection of you, and possibly your ship. 
If you have any questions regarding OPSEC or possible disclosures of critical information (violations), don’t hesitate to contact the Naval OPSEC Support Team at opsec@navy.mil or call the team at 757-417-7100.