Trees for Troops Tree Drive!

All trees distributed at Fort Story

The 10th annual Trees for Troops event will commence 1 Dec from 1200-1900 at 720 New Guinea Road (Auditorium) on board JEBFS.  They will close at 1900, which is 30 minutes later than last year.  This will allow more folks to come get a tree after work.  "Initial tree issue" (01 Dec) will be for priority groups, which include:  (E1 to E6 personnel, spouses of deployed service members, and exceptional family members program personnel and families in need.)

Beginning 2 Dec, all remaining active duty military ID Card holders may receive a tree (if trees still remain).  The tree lot will be open from 1200 to 1900, with a limited supply of trees.  Trees cannot be sold and are only intended to go to active duty service member's homes.  We are unable to reserve trees for personnel.  Only one tree is authorized per person, household, or sponsor.  No trees are to be used for community or command functions, common areas or parties.  Please empty vehicles to fit a six to nine foot tree.  Please bring your own help and rope to tie trees onto vehicles.