A Message from Vanessa, FRG President:

Good Morning Blacklions Families,


     I do hope this e-mail finds you well! We do have an FRG meeting next Tuesday February 28th from 6-7pm. Our meeting will be held at Princess Anne Plaza United Methodist Church the address is 208 S. Plaza Trail Virginia Beach, Va. 23452. At this meeting we will be brainstorming ideas for an Easter event, discuss shipping a box to all Blacklions sailors for Easter, and discuss possibilities for future events. I am waiting to hear back from the CMC on something that was told to me by the CVN77 FRG, I am hoping to hear back shortly so I can get the ball rolling on that as well. 

     Our FRG is looking to fill some open positions on our board as well as a position that will be opening within a couple of months. The positions that are open or will be opening shortly are: Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We currently have a treasurer however her husband will be checking out of the command within the next couple months, so it's important for us to get someone in that position so she can work with them and teach them how she maintains the book. We do have an awesome second treasurer who will help out with the transitioning period. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information on these positions or if you are interested in taking on any of the roles listed. If these sound like they may be to much for you , we can get you more involved in a smaller committee. If fundraising is your thing we are always looking for new ways to raise money to put on events and build morale during deployment; if you love hosting or planning events that's another great committee you can join, as an FRG we are constantly looking for new ideas to keep families engaged. There are several options to get everyone involved in the FRG, all based on the time and commitment you have to offer. I would like to make this as successful a deployment as possible, as a volunteer organization, we are only as good as our members allow us to be. The more support we get the better the FRG will function.

      Congratulations everyone for making it through that first month, I know many of you went through a lot of ups and downs but we made it. I look forward to seeing you all at our meeting on the 28th, please e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Very Respectfully,

Vanessa Watts

VFA-213 FRG President