Important Information For Homecoming!

Getting base access: 
ALL individuals that do not have a DOD ID card need to be on the list if they are not traveling in the SAME vehicle as someone who does have an ID card.  DEADLINE IS AUG 9 to be added to the list. 

Photographers need to be cleared as a vendor,  the sailor needs to sign up the photographer through the ship.  It does NOT matter if the photographer is riding in the same car, has their own DOD ID...if their presence at homecoming is to take photos they need to be cleared as a vendor.  DEADLINE is AUG 9to be added to the list.

REAL ID Act - All states in question have been until Oct 2017, that being said it is being highly suggested to make sure you have a second form of ID if you plan to use one of the ID's not in compliance. 

If someone is denied base access due to background check, they CANNOT be escorted on the base by a DOD ID card holder. 

If someone does not have the correct ID's or is not on the list the whole vehicle will be turned around. 

The base access list will only be good for a set time (still working on this) if family wants to come back after that time they need to be in a vehicle with a DOD ID card holder. 

Getting to the pier: 

Gates 2 and 3A will be the designated gates for those that need to be be checked on through the access list.   Those that have DOD ID's are encouraged to use alternate gates

There will be signage to the pier and the parking lots

There will be VIP parking, parking passes will be emailed to those appropriate people ahead of time. The commands will be designating who those people are. 

At this time handicap parking is an unknown, there will be golf carts to help those needing assistance to pier. 

What to bring/not bring:
All bags will be searched pier to entrance to the pier
No: Pets on the pier or in vehicles! Coolers, weapons regardless of permits, alcoholic beverages, bicycles, roller stakes, roller blades, skate boards, BALLOONS!!!, Personal tents or chairs. 

I am still following up on umbrella's

Those with service animals need to reminded that there will be Military Working Dogs (MWD), through out the pier and tents.  It is HIGHLY encouraged that those with service animals wait in parking lot to ensure those animals and the MWD's do not have any altercations. Please have all service animals wear their vests. 

On the Pier:

Hospitality - this tent isrun by MWR, there will be water and pizza as well as a coloring station and photo backdrop, with tables and seating.  This tent will be outside the pier and open most likely at 6:30 am. 

New Parents tent - tables and seating will be provided, catering will include breakfast items and water.  This tent will have cooling fans. Wrist bands will be passed out at the Welcome Home Celebration. Those not in attendance can receive their wristbands will be given them the morning of once verified on list. 

The Leadership and New Parents tent will be on the pier and they will greet their loved ones in front of the tent.  

1st Kiss winners will have access to the New Parents tent and will have wrist bands to meet their sailors in front of the tent. 

There will be bleachers on the pier, there is a security guard rail between the bleachers and the ship. family members will meet their sailors at the head of the pier.  It is going to be extremely important that once families greet their sailors to move off the pier and towards the parking lots.

There will be separate tents for CVN 77, CVW-8, CSG-2 and DESRON-22 - squadron's will be included in the CVW-8 ( I am inquiring if these tents are open to the general public withing these communities or reserved space for specific individuals) 

*** Please know that the majority of this information is fluid and there is lots of planning that can still change.  



Very Respectfully, 


Kate Tynes